Prospects for the development of waterway transport enterprises in Ukraine


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For countries such as Ukraine, one of the decisive factors of their economic development is the state of transport infrastructure. Ukraine has an extensive river network, which determines the availability and the possibility of efficient use of its inland waterways. The article analyzes the state of river transport in Ukraine, assesses the prospects for its development, as well as the problems associated with the existing limitations. It offers instruments for creating effective complexes ensuring the functioning and development of this kind of activity.

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    • Table 1. Characteristics of the river transport in Ukraine
    • Table 2. Density of river shipping routes of European countries, 2015
    • Table 3. Distribution of freight transport by type in the EU countries, % of the total transport flow in ton-kilometers
    • Table 4. The balance of grain in 2015–2016, thousand tons
    • Table 5. Positions of Ukraine in the rating of competitiveness of the world’s countries
    • Table 6. The reduced costs on acquisition of the floating docks “Pallada”, mln. UAH