Changes effectiveness assessment on the basis of sustainable development factor

  • Received January 4, 2018;
    Accepted March 22, 2018;
    Published April 3, 2018
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    Volume 16 2018, Issue #1, pp. 437-444
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The creation of new management methods that guarantee sustainable economic development in the long-term perspective is impossible without the overall analysis of the existing methods and system elements of enterprise management. Such analysis should take into account the influence of external and internal environment. Most of Russian organizations functioning at the market are characterized by low degree of flexibility and adaptability to the changes at the market and by traditional ways of management which do not correspond to the modern market conditions and it does not allow them to develop perfectly. The article defines the main components of the enterprise sustainable development and offers the matrix model of changes assessment on the basis of sustainable development criterion.
Thus, the general aim of the article is to form theoretical and methodical basis for management mechanism aimed at sustainable development of the enterprise, the mechanism that meets the current demands and global trends of economy development. The main methodical instrument used for the enterprise position assessment is the system of matrix coordinates. The choice of the matrix form is due to the fact that matrices are the main tool for strategic positioning of enterprises and the choice of strategic solutions in conditions of multiplicity of parameters through which the expected and actually obtained results are formalized and measured.

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    • Figure 1. Components of CES development stability
    • Figure 2. Matrix of CES organizational changes effectiveness