The relations unshadowing in business activities: the economic and legal factors of security at the macroeconomic level

  • Received February 17, 2018;
    Accepted March 22, 2018;
    Published April 3, 2018
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    Volume 16 2018, Issue #1, pp. 428-436
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The paper analyzes the current state of the shadow relations in business activities in Ukraine. The purpose of the article is to investigate the current state of the shadow relations in business activity in Ukraine and abroad; find out the essence of the term “the relations unshadowing in business activity”, develop the suggestions, which are aimed at improving the scientific approaches to the economic and legal principles of the relations unshadowing in business activity as a factor of an influence at the macroeconomic level. The issue of sensitive motivation system creating is actualized for the purpose of the economic activities unshadowing. It is proved that it is impossible now to accurately assess the extent of the shadow economy. The economic and legal ways of improving the business unshadowing are proposed, as well as the integration of the relations unshadowing in the business activities into a system of safety factors at the macroeconomic level. Namely, the institutional and structural factors, including: an influence on the structural policy and mechanism of its implementation, possible changes in the structure of the public administration, institutional changes, management of the state corporate rights, as well as a new stage of denationalization of the property and the privatization; programmatic and strategic factors: the economic development strategy, targeted state programs, as well as the state programs of the social and economic development; financial, investment, competition, and innovation factors: the competition policy and its implementation, the state investment policy and its implementation, innovation policy and its implementation, as well as the impact on financial and economic processes in the state. Based on the research, the ways to improve the economic unshadowing issue are proposed, in particular through the introduction of changes to the existing regulatory legislation.

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    • Figure 1. Four ‘colored’ zones of corruption in some countries in the world according to the ‘level of shadowing’ as a percentage of GDP (based on Schneider’s data, 2010)
    • Figure 2. The relations unshadowing in business activities integrated into security factors within the management at the macroeconomic level
    • Table 1. Forecasts of the size of shadow economies (% GDP) in some countries in the world according to ‘colored’ zones of corruption