Corporate governance and resource management in Nigeria: a paradigm shift

  • Received September 19, 2017;
    Accepted December 14, 2017;
    Published March 14, 2018
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    Volume 16 2018, Issue #1, pp. 259-266
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The underlying significance of instituting measures for effective corporate governance and rewarding resource management outcomes cannot be relegated. The countries and organizations that deemphasize this practice have mortgaged their potential for long-term growth and corporate sustainability. This paper adopts a critical narrative method to deconstruct the essence of corporate governance and economic resource management ideals. The paper furthers the ongoing conversations on two interrelated business concepts, and provides an apt perspective towards unlocking the essence of corporate governance relative to the Nigeria’s corporate environment. It depicts a corporate paradigm shift that accommodates the dynamics of global best practices taking into account some peculiarities of Nigeria’s corporate climate. The paper also captures relevant theoretical dimensions and pragmatic policy propositions, especially for underperforming socio-economic contexts. In the light of the central theme, specific issues are discussed under the sub-headings of conceptual and theoretical clarifications, corporate governance and resource management in Nigeria, shifting the paradigms, conclusion and recommendations.

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