Assessment of the development level of information and communication infrastructure in the regions of Ukraine

  • Received November 23, 2017;
    Accepted April 24, 2018;
    Published May 8, 2018
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    Volume 16 2018, Issue #2, pp. 134-144
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The influence of information is the main productive force and the subject of production for the economic systems development. Information services contribute to the competitive economy, to the provision of optimal conditions for human development, and the implementation of effective democratic procedures. The results of the socio-economic development of Ukraine testify to the growing lag of the parameters of its competitiveness from many countries of the world and to the strengthening of differentiation in the regional development. Since the regional environment today largely determines the competitiveness of the entire national economy, it becomes important to discuss the appropriate methodological tools for assessing the development level of information and communication infrastructure (ICI) in the regions of Ukraine.
Given the necessity of solving a specific problem, a methodological approach to assessing the development level of ICI is proposed, which is based on the calculations of integral indicators by the entropy method and aimed at the implementation of a group of economic regions in accordance with its defined parameters. The improved methodical toolkit takes into account consistent stages of the system for estimating indicators, which allows to analyze and evaluate the levels of ICI regions development and to obtain the value of specific digital divisions between individual regions.
The implementation of the proposed scientific and methodological approach allowed to obtain the results of the assessment of the ICI development level, to allocate regional clusters depending on the ICI development levels, to identify factors that restrain the ICI development in the regions and to propose recommendations for their elimination.

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    • Figure 1. Consistent stages of shaping the system of estimated figures that characterize the ICI development level in the regions
    • Figure 2. Scheme for the estimating the ICI development level in terms of regions
    • Table 1. Integral indicators and ranks of ICI development in the Ukrainian regions
    • Table 2. Structure of the aggregate of the Ukrainian regions according to the clusters formed depending on the values of the ICI components