Does green packaging matter as a business strategy? Exploring young consumers’ consumption in an emerging market

  • Received October 11, 2017;
    Accepted June 11, 2018;
    Published June 19, 2018
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    Volume 16 2018, Issue #2, pp. 376-384
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Young consumer is a noteworthy consumer for a company as a sustainable marketing target. The business sector needs to consider green packaging as one of the company’s competitive strategies. The existence of environmental problem phenomenon in recent years has increased the awareness of various parties to the importance of environmental sustainability. Indonesia as one of emerging markets, both for green product and green packaged product, also needs to take part in the issue.

Using Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB), this research aimed to simultaneously examine several influencing factors for young consumer’s purchase intention toward green packaging. Two hundred seventy-six empirical data were obtained through questionnaires given to undergraduate students. The analysis, using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM), showed that attitude, personal norm, Perceived Behavioral Control (PBC), and willingness to pay significantly influenced the purchase intention. Furthermore, the level of environmental concern also determined the purchase intention through attitude.

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    • Figure 1. Research model
    • Figure 2. The causal relationship between variables on the purchase intention toward the green packaging
    • Table 1. CFA validity and reliability
    • Table 2. Hypotheses testing results for structural model