The conceptual bases of introduction of foresight marketing into business management


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The article outlines a critical analysis of theoretical approaches to the development of the concept of foresight marketing on the basis of which the own definition of “foresight marketing” has been developed. Modern enterprises are interested in receiving reasonable foresight forecasts in marketing, which was not sufficiently distributed in the practical activity of the enterprise.
Theoretical and practical aspects of the foresight framework are still explored insufficiently. Therefore, the purpose of the article is to improve the theoretical framework of foresight marketing and to create the conceptual model of foresight marketing.
The following scientific methods have been used in this research: system analysis, content analysis, comparative method, method of logical generalization, morphological method, dialectics of the relationship between fundamental and applied knowledge.
The analysis revealed imperfection of the theoretical apparatus of foresight marketing, thus, the modern approach to the interconnection and balance of foresight marketing and strategic marketing on the enterprises was suggested. To develop a conceptual model of foresight marketing, the authors have considered and described its major components. A conceptual model of foresight marketing is a systematic combination of certain elements, namely: conditions, barriers, and prerequisites; subject and object; methodology of foresight marketing; principles, tools, and categories.
The article presents a generalized model of foresight marketing process, which shows the basic subjects and bases on four consecutive stages. The authors provide a new perspective as for the concept of foresight marketing and the basic prerequisites for the implementation of foresight in marketing management.

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    • Figure 1. Determinants and outcomes of market foresight capability
    • Figure 2. The interconnection and balance of foresight marketing and strategic marketing
    • Figure 3. The foresight marketing concept
    • Table 1. Generic foresight-marketing process