Contents and risks of land reform in Ukraine (literary and legislative review)


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Land reform, which has been ongoing in Ukraine since 1990, now includes several strategic tasks, including the opening of the agricultural lands market. The article aims to identify the main risks of land reform implementation in Ukraine and outline the prospects for its development and impact on the country’s economy. The current state of the problem is analyzed based on the study of literary sources, regulatory and legal base, legislative initiatives, and their discussion in Ukrainian society. An attempt to systematically outline the possible positive consequences and risks of land reform in Ukraine in its various variants was made. Key initiatives for change, their impact on the economy of the state, and the benefits of major stakeholder groups are summarized. The necessity of ensuring based on the reform of the rational land use, forming a class of efficient land users in the society, stimulating the farming development and organic production development, was emphasized.

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    • Figure 1. Land use efficiency, value added of agribusiness 2008 and 2018 (constant 2010) per hectare of agricultural land, US$
    • Figure 2. Legislative acts on implementation of land reform in Ukraine
    • Figure 3. Land market types classifications according to restrictions for foreigners
    • Figure 4. Risks of implementing updated land reform in Ukraine
    • Table 1. Agricultural lands prices by region (last update: 21-01-2020), euro/hectare
    • Table 2. Consequences of the updated land reform implementation
    • Table A1. Top-100 latifundists in Ukraine as of January 1, 2020
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      Mykola Kurylo, Svitlana Lukash, Yurii Ladyka
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      Mykola Kurylo
    • Investigation
      Svitlana Lukash, Yurii Ladyka, Olena Zakharova, Oksana Sopianenko
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      Svitlana Lukash, Yurii Ladyka, Olena Zakharova, Oksana Sopianenko
    • Formal Analysis
      Yurii Ladyka
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