Efficiency of the stakeholder interaction in the context of ensuring sustainable territorial development

  • Received September 24, 2019;
    Accepted June 19, 2020;
    Published June 30, 2020
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    Volume 18 2020, Issue #2, pp. 340-349
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The strategic approach to sustainable territorial development precisely assesses all regional disparities. Implementing this approach allows considering the interests and requirements of all stakeholders and identifying priority areas for regional development. A detailed analysis of existing regional development strategies and programs confirms the active region interaction with numerous organizations, groups, and individuals. The growing role of stakeholders in shaping regional policy determines the necessity of the research. Proposed conceptual approach will contribute determining the stakeholders’ interaction effectiveness in ensuring sustainable territorial development. Algorithm for analyzing the stakeholders’ interaction effectiveness was worked out based upon critical analysis of the scientific professionals’ main approaches of identifying and comparing the interests of stakeholders’ sectoral and territorial groups in the context of solving the region existing problems. A feature of the proposed measure scheme of the stakeholder interaction efficiency is the synthesis of quantitative and qualitative assessment of the stakeholder interaction effectiveness using the method of expert assessments, statistical analysis, and fuzzy sets. The practical part of the developed approach to determining the effectiveness of stakeholder interaction allowed to assess the level of regional development programs implementation in the Kharkiv region and to identify the synergistic effect of stakeholder interaction. The made conclusions and recommendations regarding the solution of region existing problems have found practical application in predicting scenarios for the territory development.

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    • Figure 1. Time focus of a stakeholder analysis by key dimensions
    • Figure 2. Methodical approach to measuring the stakeholders’ interaction effectiveness in the context of sustainable territorial development
    • Table 1. Parameters of a stakeholder interaction evaluation fuzzy system
    • Conceptualization
      Vainius Smalskys, Nataliia Gavkalova, Alona Zolenko
    • Investigation
      Vainius Smalskys, Nataliia Gavkalova, Alona Zolenko
    • Methodology
      Vainius Smalskys, Nataliia Gavkalova, Alona Zolenko
    • Supervision
      Vainius Smalskys, Nataliia Gavkalova
    • Writing – original draft
      Vainius Smalskys, Nataliia Gavkalova, Kristina Babenko, Alona Zolenko
    • Writing – review & editing
      Vainius Smalskys, Nataliia Gavkalova, Alona Zolenko
    • Formal Analysis
      Nataliia Gavkalova, Kristina Babenko, Alona Zolenko
    • Funding acquisition
      Nataliia Gavkalova, Kristina Babenko
    • Project administration
      Nataliia Gavkalova, Alona Zolenko
    • Data curation
      Kristina Babenko, Alona Zolenko
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      Kristina Babenko, Alona Zolenko
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      Kristina Babenko, Alona Zolenko
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      Kristina Babenko, Alona Zolenko
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      Kristina Babenko, Alona Zolenko