City size and functional specialization as factors of smart management: A case of Lviv Oblast, Ukraine


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The process of understanding the factors that affect the implementation of smart management in cities is pivotal for using this concept to improve the well-being of the population. The goal of this study is to establish the specifics of the implementation of the smart management concept in cities with different sizes and functional specialization. 44 cities of Lviv Oblast (Ukraine) are selected for this goal. The main method was a content analysis of information sources related to the activities of local authorities. The most important indicators that reflect the development of various components of a smart city are analyzed. It is established that measures for the introduction of smart technologies are carried out in most cities of the Oblast (about 80%). The leading cities are Lviv and Drohobych, among other cities are Boryslav, Truskavets, and Zolochiv. The share of cities with a high level of implementation of smart management technology is only 4%. However, 56% of the total urban population lives in these cities. Other cities are the smallest cities that did not have the functions of district centers. The share of such cities is 20% but only 3% of the population inhabits them. Among the components of the smart city concept, e-government tools are being most actively developed, followed by energy efficiency measures. There is no direct relationship between the size of cities and the implementation of smart technologies. Smart technologies are most intensively implemented in cities focused on tourism development. Former industrial cities are less successful.

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    • Figure 1. Cities of Lviv Oblast, by type (left) and population (right)
    • Figure 2. Development of smart technologies in the cities of Lviv Oblast
    • Figure 3. The level of development of smart city technologies in the cities of Lviv Oblast, by type (left) and population (right)
    • Table 1. Research stages and indicators used
    • Table 2. Distribution of cities of Lviv Oblast by population
    • Table 3. Lviv in the ratings of Australian innovation agency 2thinknow
    • Table 4. Indices of cities in Lviv Oblast by the level of implementation of smart management technologies
    • Table 5. Classification of cities in Lviv Oblast according to the level of implementation of smart solutions
    • Conceptualization
      Roman Lozynskyy
    • Data curation
      Roman Lozynskyy, Oleh Hrymak, Oksana Terletska
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      Roman Lozynskyy, Lesya Kushnir
    • Methodology
      Roman Lozynskyy
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      Roman Lozynskyy, Lesya Kushnir
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      Roman Lozynskyy, Oksana Terletska
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      Roman Lozynskyy, Lesya Kushnir, Oksana Terletska, Myroslava Vovk
    • Investigation
      Oleh Hrymak, Myroslava Vovk
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      Oleh Hrymak, Myroslava Vovk
    • Visualization
      Oksana Terletska, Myroslava Vovk