Urbanization – changes in employment and incomes of people in Vietnam

  • Received July 29, 2021;
    Accepted September 11, 2021;
    Published September 17, 2021
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    Volume 19 2021, Issue #3, pp. 321-331
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This study aimed to analyze the impact of urbanization on the income and employment of people in Vietnam. To collect data for the study, 515 people participated in the survey, representing 515 households living in major cities in Vietnam. The OLS regression method and the T-test are applied to analyze the research objectives and examine the differences in the income and employment of people before and after urbanization. Research findings show that urbanization has both positive and negative effects on people’s income and employment in Vietnam. The income of people increased by about 12.5779 million VND/year compared to the pre-urbanization period. After urbanization, new jobs will increase, with employment disparities before and after urbanization in each family averaging about 1.734 jobs. The survey findings also show that household investments have the most significant influence on household income (standardized coefficients = 0.465). Compensation also has a positive and relatively substantial impact on household income with standardized coefficients = 0.195. However, the undesirable consequences of urbanization affected the employment of a part of the population, the number of unemployed leads to a decrease in the household’s income (standardized coefficients = –0.13).

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