Continuance of organizational commitment among flight attendants as an intervening variable to job performance

  • Received October 10, 2022;
    Accepted December 7, 2022;
    Published December 21, 2022
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    Volume 20 2022, Issue #4, pp. 507-517
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The low-cost business model has thrived in the last decade, creating a more competitive atmosphere in some industries. The airline industry is the sector that has grown significantly with this business model. To maintain sustainability amidst the challenge, human resources can be an investment in the organization’s material resources. Hence, this study aims to determine the effect of job satisfaction and continuance of organizational commitment moderated by the tenure of employment on job performance. This study surveyed 41 flight attendants of a low-cost airline in Indonesia. The respondents were selected through convenience sampling. The data were then analyzed using Partial Least Squares (PLS), which is part of Structural Equation Modeling (SEM). The analysis results show that job satisfaction and continuance of organizational commitment have a significant effect on flight attendants’ performance. In contrast, the tenure of employment has a positive yet insignificant effect in moderating the relationship between job satisfaction and continuance of organizational commitment. The findings of this study can be a reference for airlines to manage the individual performance of flight attendants in the competitive aviation business world.

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    • Figure 1. Conceptual framework
    • Table 1. Characteristics of respondents
    • Table 2. Validity and reliability test
    • Table 3. Answer frequency distribution
    • Table 4. Coefficients of determination
    • Table 5. Estimated coefficient values between the variables
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