An assessment of demographic variables affecting employees’ organizational commitment in India’s thermal power sector


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This study aims to analyze the impact of three demographic variables (gender, age, and work experience) on the commitment levels of employees in the Indian thermal power sector. 379 responses were collected through convenience sampling from the executives of NTPC Ltd, a major power utility in India. The facets of organizational commitment (affective commitment, normative commitment, and continuance commitment) were assessed using a standard scale. The quantitative research was done using statistical instruments of one-way ANOVA and independent sample t-test.
The findings revealed a positive correlation between the three components of organizational commitment: affective, continuance, and normative. Further, the results highlighted that age plays an essential role in organizational commitment levels; it is found that commitment increases with the age of employees (F = 5.781, p < 0.01). However, gender is not making any variation in organizational commitment (F = –0.502, p < 0.01). Therefore, male and female employees enjoy equal commitment levels toward their work. The study further indicated that work experience significantly influences organizational commitment (F = 4.800, p < 0.01), and it is found to be greater for more experienced employees.

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    • Figure 1. Theoretical framework
    • Table 1. Demographics of the sample
    • Table 2. Correlation matrix
    • Table 3. Reliability statistics
    • Table 4. Effect of gender on organizational commitment
    • Table 5. Effect of age on organizational commitment
    • Table 6. Effect of work experience on organizational commitment
    • Conceptualization
      Sheetal Rampal, Nitin Arora, Nishad Nawaz, Sandeep Kumar Gupta
    • Data curation
      Sheetal Rampal
    • Formal Analysis
      Sheetal Rampal, Nishad Nawaz, Sandeep Kumar Gupta
    • Investigation
      Sheetal Rampal, Sandeep Kumar Gupta
    • Methodology
      Sheetal Rampal, Nitin Arora, Nishad Nawaz, Shikha Kapoor
    • Software
      Sheetal Rampal
    • Resources
      Nitin Arora, Nishad Nawaz, Shikha Kapoor
    • Supervision
      Nitin Arora, Nishad Nawaz, Sandeep Kumar Gupta, Shikha Kapoor
    • Project administration
      Shikha Kapoor