Stakeholder capitalism as a modern model of corporate social responsibility


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The article reveals the conceptual foundations and importance of the stakeholder model for the successful functioning of modern business organizations, their development, ensuring competitive advantages, strengthening sustainability, brand and image growth. The relevance of this concept is also substantiated for ensuring sustainable social development. The purpose of the study is to examine the practical aspects of stakeholder capitalism as a modern model for implementing social responsibility by business organizations. In the course of scientific research into the essence and scope of expression of the modern stakeholder model of business activities, the author's own idea of the practical value of these processes for business and society as a whole was developed. The key potential benefits for business organizations in establishing an effective dialogue with key stakeholders based on social responsibility are identified. The author's own vision of the substantive essence of an effective model of interaction with stakeholders is developed, which will affect the increase in a company’s capitalization, increased sustainability, and increased investment attractiveness. A list of possible areas and directions of interaction between the company and key stakeholders is presented in a reasoned manner. Proposals have been developed for promising areas for the development of the stakeholder model of capitalism, based on the principles of social responsibility in modern conditions.

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    • Table 1. Лідери індексу сталості українського бізнесу під час війни
    • Conceptualization
      Taras Kytsak, Yurii Marshavin
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      Taras Kytsak, Yurii Marshavin
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      Taras Kytsak, Yurii Marshavin
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      Taras Kytsak, Yurii Marshavin
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      Taras Kytsak
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      Taras Kytsak, Yurii Marshavin
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      Yurii Marshavin
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      Yurii Marshavin, Andrii Vasylenko, Oleg Marshavin, Vitalii Hutnitskyi
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      Andrii Vasylenko, Oleg Marshavin, Vitalii Hutnitskyi
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      Oleg Marshavin