Issues and challenges in hospitality industry: a case of Uttarakhand (India)

  • Received November 17, 2017;
    Accepted December 22, 2017;
    Published December 26, 2017
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    Volume 1 2017, Issue #1, pp. 51-57
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Hotel industry is growing at a very fast pace in the recent years, especially in developing countries like India its growth is significant. Increase in the income of middle class Indian plays a significant role in this. Nowadays a lot of Indian families go for lunch, dinner and also for refreshments to the hotels and the most significant part is the increase in number of holiday’s package taken by the Indian families. This leads to the increase in number of hotels in India, but as the industry grows it also increases the number of problems for hotel industry. In this paper author tries to take a look on these problems and also suggest some points to overcome this problems. This paper takes a look on general problems of hotel industry in Uttarakhand (India). The place is among the top ten most preferred states by tourists in India but it is also the state which faces a lot of problems in hospitality industry, mostly because of its geography.

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