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April 02, 2020

World against COVID-19. Our colleagues' thoughts about the situation: Montserrat Guillen

The show must go on
Montserrat Guillen (Dept. Econometrics, Riskcenter, Universitat de Barcelona, Editor-in-Chief of the Insurance Markets and Companies journal).

As I am writing these lines, we are living the worst health problem many of us have experienced ever before in Europe. Too many humans are suffering, and meanwhile the words of a famous song by a British band called Queen have come to my mind: “The show must go on”. This piece was written by Brian May and Freddy Mercury in 1991, when Freddy was very ill; this is a hymn to endurance and devotion. May feared that Mercury would not be able to record the song before his death, but he did, and he did it in one shot.

April 01, 2020

World against COVID-19. Our colleagues' thoughts about the situation: Dr. Nikola Perovic

Dr. Nikola Perovic, the member of the Editorial Board of Tourism and Travelling., April 1, 2020.

Covid-19 or the major natural disaster in early XXI century has made many of us work from home or, in my case, teach from home. As a university professor at the UAE’s largest university, I have many daily activities for delivering online classes, performing online exams and conducting online advising. Online, online, online. I wish to have again daily freedom to take a long walks by the beach like I used very night…

March 27, 2020


According to DOAJ UPDATES: ORCID INTEGRATION "Business Perspectives" made the site updates. Sinсe the 24th of March we transferring the ORCID metadata to DOAJ. Please check one of the Journals.

February 17, 2020

12 Journals of “Business Perspectives” got the DOAJ Seal

On February 14, 2020, 12 Business Perspectives' journals were awarded the DOAJ Seal . The Journals met all of the 7 requirements to receive the Seal:

  • use DOIs as permanent identifiers;
  • provides DOAJ with article metadata;
  • deposits content with a long term digital preservation or archiving program;
  • embeds machine-readable CC licensing information in articles;
  • allows generous reuse and mixing of content, in accordance with a CC BY, CC BY-SA or CC BY-NC license;
  • has a deposit policy registered wíth a deposit policy registry;
  • allows the author to hold the copyright without restrictions.
February 05, 2020

Business Perspectives – Activities, Opportunities, Services

Creation and development of scientific journals (primarily international ones), book publishing, audit of scientific journals and consulting, seminars and webinars for university staff are the main areas of the Business Perspectives' activity.
Business Perspectives have presented a small booklet where you can get acquainted with our latest projects and achievements as well as with our activities, opportunities and services.

The booklet in Ukrainian - Видавництво «Ділові перспективи» - діяльність, можливості, послуги.

January 09, 2020

Sincere appreciation to our reviewers

The company LLC “CPC “Business Perspectives” would like to express special gratitude to the external reviewers for their contribution to the journal development by reviewing articles. Below you can find a list of our best reviewers. We are very grateful and proud of working with you.