The peculiarities and procedures of the transition to outsourcing by construction companies in Ukraine


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The article analyzes the outsourcing services market and its consumption volumes in the recent years, assesses the industry range of outsourcing by paying close attention to the construction services companies, and evaluates the general trend in the development of the construction industry market in Ukraine. The paper determines the growth in demand for outsourcing services by construction companies by singling out outsourcing as an instrument of management in the construction industry. It demonstrates the expediency of the use of outsourcing for construction industry companies and describes the main reasons that prevent the making of decision regarding the transfer to outsourcing. The main objectives and the procedure of transition of construction companies to outsourcing are formulated. Given the importance of certain types of construction works, six stages of transition to outsourcing by construction companies were identified.

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    • Figure 1. The market of outsourcing services in the world in the period 2000–2016
    • Table 1. The volume of construction works in Ukraine according to the types of construction production (million UAH)
    • Table 2. The procedure for the transfer of the construction company to outsourcing