Obstacles of human resource planning that affect workers in delivering quality services

  • Received November 2, 2018;
    Accepted January 21, 2019;
    Published April 25, 2019
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    Volume 17 2019, Issue #2, pp. 114-123
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The paper aimed to identify the obstacles of Human Resource Planning (HRP) that affect workers in delivering quality services to public within the customer centres of the municipality located in South Africa (SA). Since, HRP is well known as a tool that resolves the existing and future organization obstacles by confirming that the right employees are placed in the right positions at the right time. The investigation of the paper used mixed methods, which encompasses both qualitative and quantitative methods in its data collection. From the target, only 45 workers completed a questionnaire and only seven supervisors participated in one-on-one interviews. Results reveal the lack of both internal and external factors, which include a shortage of workers to perform the duties of the municipal in the customer centres. This includes demographic issues, lack of education qualifications, recruitment policies, insufficient working tools, working environment and career growth. The recommendation is to implement a strategical recognition for good performance to workers and to look for other venues with enough space to deliver quality services. Lastly, there is a need to establish and implement strategies of promotion and growth within the municipality.

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    • Table 1. Frequency showing the demographics based on race, gender and age group
    • Table 2. Frequency showing the equipment and tools
    • Table 3. Frequency showing the equipment repair
    • Table 4. Frequency showing the communication and interactive skills coaching
    • Table 5. Frequency showing the managers support if there are problems
    • Table 6. Frequency showing the recruitment policy on quality services
    • Table 7. Frequency showing the employee development program
    • Table 8. Frequency showing the good performance recognition
    • Table 9. Frequency showing the monthly plan discussion
    • Table 10. Frequency showing the work performance monitoring
    • Table 11. Frequency showing the planning with supervisors
    • Table 12. Frequency showing the promotions