Organizational changes: new challenges in search for sustainability


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The paper aims to review the dominating literature and recent findings on organizational changes and sustainability strategy. The studies in the spheres of strategic management and organizational theories have common conceptual base but different approaches to the key definitions identification. Sustainability age had transformed the perception of the best practices in markets, the winners in 80-ties were focused on costs leadership, today it is urgent to offer differentiated product that is sustainability-oriented. The studies in sphere of strategic management, organizational theories and social development theories were analyzed to accumulate the knowledge about the sources and content of organizational changes towards sustainability. Two types of barriers to transformation towards sustainability were analyzed through data comparison and previous findings accumulation and generalization. General recommendations for sustainable innovations creation are offered.

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    • Fig. 1. The evolutionary processes in the market towards sustainability
    • Table 1. Innovation achievers ranking according to GII methodology
    • Table 2. The data about self-employed entities shut-downs in Ukraine, rated by the mortality dynamics (period from December 27, 2016 till December 5, 2017)