Personnel aspects of marketing activity reengineering at the industrial enterprises


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While implementing the radical transformations, such as the business processes reengineering in the work of industrial enterprises, there is a need to increase the personnel operating efficiency in the business processes redesign. The urgent increase of control by the top management of companies is demanded for observing the procedure and standards of business processes reengineering at the enterprises in order to increase its cost effectiveness. Therefore, the relevance of the scientific research subject is indisputable. The research works of academic economists concerning the features of staffing for the business processes reengineering of companies are analyzed. The ways to overcome the resistance to organizational changes of industrial enterprises by the staff are developed. The description of the effective members of the reengineering team in the work of the company has been improved by forming special features of each member of the reengineering team. The personal and professional competencies of the personnel are shaped and offered as the most effective ones for successful realization of marketing activity reengineering at the industrial enterprises. A questionnaire was developed as part of the analysis and selection of personnel during the marketing activities reengineering at the industrial enterprises. The resulting component of the questionnaire was developed for making managerial decision on personnel selection in reengineering teams.

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    • Table 1. The ways to overcome staff opposition to the organizational changes at the industrial enterprises
    • Table 2. Characteristics of effective persons in the reengineering team
    • Table 3. Questionnaire as part of the staff analysis and selection during the reengineering of marketing activities (fragment)