Modelling of strategic managerial decisions in the system of marketing logistics of enterprise

  • Received April 27, 2019;
    Accepted June 10, 2019;
    Published June 19, 2019
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    Volume 15 2019, Issue #2, pp. 58-70
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Integrated decisions in the system of the marketing logistics are the main resource for providing the efficient management of the value chain. Moreover, there is not a sufficient number of methodological approaches, which could use in complex the principles of the integrated modelling of decisions in the operational systems “procurement marketing – supply logistics” and “sales marketing – distribution logistics”. Considering that fact, the methodology of selecting strategic alternatives based on the integrated modeling in separate marketing logistics chains and in stage-by-stage formation of the supply chain participants has been developed in the article. The research is based on the application of the AHP method and the method of planning “dual sourcing” (70/30) for grounding the selection of the supply strategy at the market of material resources; methods of optimal planning according to Bayes criterion, linear programming and logistics modelling – for grounding the selection of the managerial decisions on the strategy of distributing the ready produce. The research covers, firstly, grounding the essence of the marketing logistics through the systemic approach to identification of its main and servicing business processes; secondly, improvement in the process of planning decisions in the procurement marketing system by adding the procedure of the logistical selection of the hierarchical estimation with a different degree of advantages in alternative supply strategies; thirdly, formation of the cascade integrated approach toward selection of the alternative distribution channels for the finished produce by estimating the complex marketing effect and application of the logistical model of optimal distribution.

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    • Figure 1. Business processes in the system of the marketing logistics of an enterprise
    • Figure 2. Algorithm of the multi-criteria model of the strategic solution on selecting the suppliers at the market of the material resources
    • Table 1. Matrix of the logistic evaluation of criteria for choosing the suppliers at the market of the material resources
    • Table 2. Modelling of the strategic decision on choosing the main suppliers at the market of material resources (“dual sourcing”)
    • Table 3. Decision on selecting the main channels of distributing canned vegetable produce by the complex effect of the marketing mix (“4P”)
    • Table 4. The project of the logistical decision on distributing the vegetable produce by sales channels in different months of 2019 (expected annual average loading of the production capacities)