The moderating role of information technology infrastructure in the relationship between fintech adoption and organizational competitiveness


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The rapid advancement and adoption of fintech have significantly influenced the banking sector worldwide. This study aims to investigate the moderating effect of information technology infrastructure on the link between fintech adoption and organizational competitiveness in Jordanian commercial banks. The study chose a quantitative research methodology to conduct this study, based on a survey of 12 Jordanian commercial banks, chose a quantitative research methodology. The study distributed a structured questionnaire, which was filled out by managerial-level employees at the banks. From the 400 questionnaires distributed to the respondents, 215 returned valid responses, allowing further analysis. The study carried out the data analysis using Partial Least Squares Structural Equation Modeling (PLS-SEM). The results suggested that the adoption of fintech had a significant, positive direct impact on organizational competitiveness (H1: β = 0.409, t = 5.204, p = 0.001). Additionally, the study identified that IT infrastructure significantly moderates the relationships between fintech adoption and organizational competitiveness (H2: β = 0.257, t = 4.102, p = 0.000). This means, indeed, that fintech adoption independently augments the competitiveness of Jordanian commercial banks. Moreover, a solid presence in IT infrastructure further strengthens the positive effect. Such insights are highly valuable for bank managers and policymakers looking to improve organizational performance while incorporating strategic IT investments in the fintech domain.

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    • Table 1. List of commercial banks in Jordan
    • Table 2. Demographics results
    • Table 3. AVE, CR, and Alpha for constructs
    • Table 4. Item loadings for each construct
    • Table 5. Discriminant validity
    • Table 6. Hypotheses testing
    • Table 7. Moderating effect test
    • Table A1. Fintech adoption items
    • Table A2. IT Infrastructure items
    • Table A3. Organizational competitiveness items
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