Preliminary assessment of implementing the economic part of the National Security Strategy of Ukraine


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The socio-economic situation in Ukraine and lagging in the rate of economic development behind European countries require forming a new economic model that is capable of sustaining the conditions of existing threats and high levels of risk. To this end, the National Security Strategy was adopted, which should create a secure environment for economic development and population well-being. The success and rate of this strategy implementation will significantly determine the dynamics of economic development, and their monitoring and evaluation are the basis for adjusting the reforms that have been initiated in this direction. The purpose of the article is to assess the results of implementation of measures to ensure economic security of Ukraine. The research is based on the methods of analysis and synthesis in the part of the choice of indicators for assessing the economic security; the method of comparative analysis of economic macroindicators; the questionnaire – to identify the business environment perception of changes in economic security occurring in the process of the Strategy implementation. For this purpose, 100 enterprises were interviewed by e-mail and 77 questionnaires were received. In the article, based on the study and generalization of approaches to the assessment of the economic security of the country, the evaluation indicators are chosen and grouped according to various components, which allow analyzing the interim results of the National Security Strategy (economic part) implementation.

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    • Table 1. Economic development goals, key threats to Ukraine’s economic security and ways to overcome them
    • Table 2. Main macroeconomic indicators of Ukraine’s development
    • Table 3. GDP per capita according to purchasing power parity in Ukraine compared to EU countries, ths USD
    • Table 4. Main social and economic indicators of population’s poverty
    • Table 5. Indicators of financial and investment activity
    • Table 6. Ukrainian population’s confidence in the political and economic institutions
    • Table 7. Research and development costs, % to GDP
    • Table 8. Indicators of innovation activity in Ukraine
    • Table 9. Characteristics of the enterprises according to types of economic activity
    • Table 10. Ranking of segments where the situation deteriorated
    • Table 11. Main risks to the enterprises’ activity
    • Table 12. Preliminary results of the National Security Strategy implementation according to main indicators