Partnership strategy model for small and medium enterprises


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The Latvian economy mainly consists of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). There are two important moments in the enhancement of their successful development and competitiveness: competition and collaboration. In the modern world collaboration or partnership is starting to play an ever increasing role as is shown by the research carried out. This research analyzes the partnership model which consists of three components: partnership context component, external partner network component, and internal environment component.
The following research methodology was used: monographic method based also on literature review; logically constructive method – to formulate conclusions, analyze the results and establish correlations; analytical method – to divide whole into parts and analyze the parts during the research; synthesis method – unification of elements into a system to research their correlations; social research methods – to obtain primary information and to verify it; graphic method – to depict factor interactions.

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    • Figure 1. Basic types of external environment
    • Figure 2. Basic types of cost and result efficiency
    • Figure 3. Types of enterprises according to the intensity of utilization of opportunities
    • Figure 4. Orientation of functions
    • Figure 5. Types of organization structure
    • Figure 6. Stages of partnership network development