Remuneration policy in terms of decent work at a regional level


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The purpose of the paper is to develop indicators and standards for assessing the remuneration policy in terms of decent work at the regional level and to approbate the developed tools for assessing the data of remuneration policy research in Kyiv region. The analysis of the labor remuneration policy at the regional level has been based on the developed indicators using case study, statistical method, comparative analysis, analogy method and content analysis. The findings have shown negative trends, in particular the inefficiency of social standards, the low level of wages, the arrears of wages, the unsatisfactory wages structure and the low level of collective-contractual regulation of remuneration. The low level of remuneration, which does not provide an expanded reproduction of the labor force, is a significant drawback in wages in Kyiv region in comparison with wages in Kyiv city, which demotivates employees and leads to migration abroad. The necessity for remuneration policy improvement based on the decent work concept has been proved. Indicators and standards can be used by regional state administrations, state authorities, trade unions, employers’ organizations for analyzing the labor remuneration policy and identifying the directions for its improvement in order to implement the decent work concept and increase the welfare of employees. Public authorities can use the developed indicators for comparing and ranking the regions and finding out the leaders in the implementation of decent work concept.

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    • Figure 1. Dynamics of the employees who receive wages lower than the living wages (minimum wages) in the Kyiv region and in Ukraine in 2010–2018 (in percent)
    • Figure 2. The dynamics of arrears of wages in the Kyiv region and in Ukraine during 2010–2018
    • Table 1. Indicators for assessing the remuneration policy in terms of decent work at the regional level
    • Table 2. The nominal and real wages dynamics in the Kyiv region in 2010–2018
    • Table 3. The number of obligations of the social partners for remuneration according to the Regional agreements for 2013–2015 and 2016–2020