Psychology of health and mental hygiene: Psychosocial risks, consequences, and possibilities of work stress prevention

  • Received October 24, 2020;
    Accepted December 28, 2020;
    Published January 28, 2021
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    Volume 19 2021, Issue #1, pp. 68-77
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The relevance of the study lies in the warning of burnout syndrome, which is currently the most frequently solved problem among workers. The study aimed to determine which of the most affected groups of workers is most endangered by psychosocial risk factors. The study aims to point out the issue of burnout syndrome and determine preventive steps to prevent burnout syndrome. The best-chosen method was a survey, which allowed getting as many results as possible. The questionnaire survey interviewed 80 respondents in 2018. The total number of relevant questionnaires used was 50. 11 questionnaires were from employees in the sales department, and 39 questionnaires from employees in the warehouse. Data from questionnaires were processed in Microsoft Excel 2017. Data from questionnaires were selected according to closed and open questions. Open-ended questions were evaluated by keywords. The results, as secondary data, also took into account the primary data. The results of the questionnaires provided a percentage overview of psychosocial stress factors among sales staff and warehouse workers. The results of the questionnaires also served as an incentive to provide measures against burnout syndrome.

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    • Table 1. Psychosocial risk factors in the company – summary results
    • Table 2. Specifications of types of factors
    • Table 3. Quantitative scale of job evaluation
    • Table 4. Analysis by the scoring method for warehouse workers
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