The influence of e-conferences and e-meetings on increasing communication skills among leaders in Jordanian mining and manufacturing industries

  • Received April 24, 2020;
    Accepted February 22, 2021;
    Published March 19, 2021
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    Volume 19 2021, Issue #1, pp. 328-339

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This study aims to examine the influence of e-communication (e-meetings and e-conferences) on the communication skills of managers and leaders (decision making, problem solving, consistency, productivity and better work flow). Quantitative approach was employed to achieve the aim; 150 managers and leaders responded to a self-administered questionnaire, which was tackled later using SPSS.
The results of the study confirmed an undeniable influence of e-communications on communication skills of managers and leaders within Jordanian mining and manufacturing industries; the most influenced variable was decision-making process associated with the real-time data that e-communication means can provide to decision makers (data, information, figures and numbers), which facilitated a faster ability to take decisions and avoid risks among organizations. The study also demonstrated that electronic meetings and conferences are based on transmitting voice over internet protocol (VoIP), which allows voice to be transmitted over the Internet, which is key to facilitating real-time electronic meetings. The study recommended adopting more electronic means of communication as an approach to avoid loss of time and efforts in face-to-face communication.

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      Mohd Ahmad Abdel-Qader
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