Internal employer branding as a way to improve employee engagement

  • Received April 21, 2021;
    Accepted June 15, 2021;
    Published July 27, 2021
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    Volume 19 2021, Issue #3, pp. 33-45
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In the turbulent environment of modern business, attracting and retaining valuable human resources have become one of the main means of competitive edge. The satisfaction of current employees and talent retention are essential elements of organizational success. Against this background, this study aims to examine whether the process approach to internal employer branding, including internal branding activities (IBA) and conducting intra-organizational research (CIR), allows for the improvement of the current employee involvement. The study used the method of regression analysis. In addition, a survey was used as to collect necessary data. The sample included 120 personnel, selected by a convenience sampling method. In the light of the conducted analysis, it was confirmed that CIR significantly increases the employee value proposition (EVP). Likewise, IBA directed at current employees has a significant impact on EVP shaping. In this context, assuming EVP as a measure of employee involvement, it has been shown that the adoption of a process approach to employer branding can lead to the improvement of the current employee commitment and productivity. Thus, employer branding seen as a process in line with the human resource management and corporate strategy can contribute to building a competitive advantage.

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    • Table 1. Internal branding activities directed at employees
    • Table 2. Examples of intra-organizational research by areas of exploration
    • Table 3. Characteristics determining EVP
    • Table 4. The reliability of the scale assessment
    • Table 5. Descriptive statistics and normal distribution tests
    • Table 6. Influence of IBA on EPV
    • Table 7. Influence of CIR on EVP
    • Table 8. Simultaneous influence of IBA and CIR on EVP
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