Islamic work ethics and lecturer performance: Mediating roles of person-organization fit and innovation in learning activities


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This study highlights the performance of lecturers at religious universities. The research gap of the study is the influence of Islamic Work Ethics (IWE) on lecturer performance. This study intends to examine the role of IWE in improving lecturer performance by mediating person-organization fit and innovation in learning activities. It is expected that IWE, which is characterized by some behaviors (hard work, responsibility, altruism, as well as worship and blessings as work intention), becomes an important antecedent in improving lecturer performance. The stratified random sampling with disproportionate random sampling was employed as a sampling technique. This study involved 104 respondents from IAIN Surakarta and UIN Antasari Banjarmasin. The data were analyzed using path analysis with IBM SPSS 23 software as a tool of analysis. In this study, all proposed hypotheses have been proven. However, the person-organization fit has the greatest value in increasing innovation in learning activities. Person-organization fit and innovation in learning activities partially mediate the influence of IWE on lecturer performance. The implication of the study describes the role of IWE that are attached to the individual level of a lecturer; thus, IWE is an important aspect in driving lecturer performance. The best strategy proposed from this study is to maximize the role of IWE to encourage innovation in learning activities, which leads to improvement of lecturer performance that has the value of path of 0.1272.

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    • Figure 1. Research framework
    • Table 1. Description of respondents
    • Table 2. Validity and reliability test
    • Table 3. One-way ANOVA test on gender, age, position, and education on lecturer performance
    • Table 4. Hierarchical regression analysis of IWE on person-organization fit (POF), innovation in learning activities (ILA), and lecturer performance (LP)
    • Table 5. Hierarchical regression analysis of person-organization fit (POF) on innovation in learning activities (ILA), person-organization fit (POF), and innovation in learning activities (ILA) on lecturer performance
    • Table 6. Mediating person-organization fit and innovation in learning activities
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