Impact of integration management on performance in the UAE


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Integration management is a significant factor of success in different types of organizations. Yet, the definition of integration management and ways to measure performance in a comprehensive framework need to be investigated in different environments. This paper analyzes the impact of integration management practices on company performance in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The study uses a questionnaire that was designed with constructs and dimensions following the literature review. The components of integration management are supply chain integration, supplier integration, customer integration, knowledge transfer with customers, and managing knowledge transfer channels with customers. A questionnaire was distributed among organizations in the UAE. Statistical analysis methods were employed to analyze 94 responses, e.g. reliability tests, ANOVA, and correlation analysis. The results show that integration management improves organizational performance to a considerable degree in the UAE. The impact of these practices was positive and significant on the performance of organizations, with an average correlation coefficient of 0.81. The comprehensive assessment for integration best practices and performance and their relationship are done for the first time in the context of the UAE organizations.

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    • Figure 1. Research framework
    • Figure 2. Descriptive statistics for participants’ characteristics
    • Figure 3. Relationship between SCI and KT
    • Table 1. Factors and dimensions of integration management and performance
    • Table 2. Reliability of study variables
    • Table 3. Correlation between integration management factors and performance
    • Table 4. Statistics for dimensions of integration management and performance
    • Table 5. ANOVA test of study factors
    • Conceptualization
      Mohammed Alnahhal, Qasem Alshehhi
    • Formal Analysis
      Mohammed Alnahhal, Qasem Alshehhi, Ahmad Sakhrieh
    • Investigation
      Mohammed Alnahhal, Qasem Alshehhi
    • Methodology
      Mohammed Alnahhal, Qasem Alshehhi, Ahmad Sakhrieh
    • Software
      Mohammed Alnahhal, Ahmad Sakhrieh
    • Supervision
      Mohammed Alnahhal
    • Writing – original draft
      Mohammed Alnahhal, Qasem Alshehhi, Ahmad Sakhrieh, Shadi Altawil
    • Writing – review & editing
      Mohammed Alnahhal, Shadi Altawil
    • Data curation
      Qasem Alshehhi
    • Resources
      Qasem Alshehhi, Mosab I. Tabash
    • Validation
      Ahmad Sakhrieh, Shadi Altawil, Mosab I. Tabash
    • Visualization
      Ahmad Sakhrieh, Shadi Altawil, Mosab I. Tabash
    • Project administration
      Mosab I. Tabash