The influence of human resource management practices on employee performance: A case study of Al-Balqa Applied University

  • Received September 20, 2022;
    Accepted February 15, 2023;
    Published March 1, 2023
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    Volume 21 2023, Issue #1, pp. 279-290
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Human resources management (HRM) has become critical in modern empirical studies. This study examines the impact of several critical HRM practices, including workforce planning, recruitment and selection, training and development, compensation, and employee appraisal, on employee performance. The study selected employees of Al-Balqa Applied University in Jordan to conduct a survey totaling 150 respondents. The paper adopted a quantitative research approach to achieve the study objectives using self-administrated questionnaires for data collection. The study used the SPSS software to conduct the primary analyses. The results showed that the university’s application of HRM practices was at a high level, where training and development took first place in priority. However, the study suggested a change in HRM practices in the pursuit of excellence to improve the productivity of employees at the university. Therefore, personnel management should always strives to implement one or another strategy of the university, based on which appropriate human resource management practices are chosen.

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    • Table 1. Instrument reliability
    • Table 2. Sample demographics
    • Table 3. Model summary for H1
    • Table 4. Regression coefficients for H1
    • Table 5. Model summary for H1.1
    • Table 6. Regression coefficients for H1.1
    • Table 7. Model summary for H1.2
    • Table 8. Regression coefficients for H1.2
    • Table 9. Model summary for H1.3
    • Table 10. Regression coefficients for H1.3
    • Table 11. Model summary for H1.4
    • Table 12. Regression coefficients for H1.4
    • Table 13. Model summary for H1.5
    • Table 14. Regression coefficients for H1.5
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      Rania Alkhalailah
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      Rania Alkhalailah
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      Rania Alkhalailah, Salameh Mjlae
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      Salameh Mjlae
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