Servant leadership and leadership effectiveness in healthcare institutions


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The significance of leadership in the healthcare sector has been increasingly recognized in recent times. It is now widely acknowledged as a crucial determinant of patient security, clinical treatment quality, and the overall healthcare culture prevailing in the community. The purpose of the present study is to analyze the moderating effect of cognitive style indicator on the relationship between servant leadership style and leadership effectiveness. Mix method explanatory sequential research design was used to collect data. AMOS SEM was run for data analysis, and development of measurement and structural models. The study population were drawn from healthcare institutions in the Qassim region, Saudi Arabia. The results showed a positive association between servant leadership style, cognitive style indicator, and leadership efficiency. In addition, all values were significant and indicative of the cognitive style’s moderating impact on servant leadership and leadership effectiveness.

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    • Figure 1. Conceptual framework
    • Figure 2. Confirmatory factor analysis: Servant leadership
    • Figure 3. Confirmatory factor analysis: Leadership effectiveness
    • Figure 4. Confirmatory factor analysis: Cognitive style indicator
    • Table 1. Exploratory factor analysis
    • Table 2. Indices of appropriateness: Servant leadership
    • Table 3. Goodness of fit indices: Leadership effectiveness
    • Table 4. Goodness of fit indices: Cognitive style indicator
    • Table 5. Moderation results
    • Table 6. Moderation results: Leader’s version
    • Conceptualization
      Mohammad Faleh Alharbi, Ghulam Muhammad Kundi
    • Data curation
      Mohammad Faleh Alharbi, Ghulam Muhammad Kundi
    • Formal Analysis
      Mohammad Faleh Alharbi
    • Investigation
      Mohammad Faleh Alharbi, Ghulam Muhammad Kundi
    • Methodology
      Mohammad Faleh Alharbi, Ghulam Muhammad Kundi
    • Project administration
      Mohammad Faleh Alharbi, Ghulam Muhammad Kundi
    • Supervision
      Mohammad Faleh Alharbi
    • Validation
      Mohammad Faleh Alharbi
    • Visualization
      Mohammad Faleh Alharbi, Ghulam Muhammad Kundi
    • Writing – original draft
      Mohammad Faleh Alharbi
    • Writing – review & editing
      Ghulam Muhammad Kundi