Antecedents of employee wellbeing in the banking sector: the moderating role of working environment


This study examined the influence of work-life balance, work stress, employee engagement, and working environment on employee wellbeing in the banking sector of Pakistan. Due to complex human resource policies in Pakistan, employee wellbeing is neglected in several banking institutions; this study addresses a research gap in this way. Drawing upon job demands-resources theory, the study employed a quantitative methodology through a survey of 360 employees from private and public banks in Pakistan. The results from PLS-SEM (Partial Least Squares Structural Equation Modeling) demonstrate that employee engagement and work stress are significantly related to employee wellbeing, while working environment has a significant interactive effect between employee engagement and employee wellbeing. Theoretically, the study contributes to broadening the existing literature on human resource management. Practically, this study provides guidelines to human resource practitioners, managers, and policymakers on devising strategies for their employee wellbeing in going forward.

This work was supported by the Internal Grant Agency of Tomas Bata University in Zlin under the Projects No. FaME TBU No. IGA/FaME/2020/010 and IGA/FaME/2019/008. The authors would like to extend their appreciation to Prof. Boris Popesko (Vice-Dean for Research and Business Liaison) at the Faculty of Management and Economics for facilitating the financial readiness of this project.

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    • Figure 1. Research model
    • Table 1. Demographic distribution of respondents
    • Table 2. Construct reliability and validity
    • Table 3. Measurement model for constructs
    • Table 4. The measurement model discriminant validity – Fornell-Lacker criterion
    • Table 5. Path coefficient for a direct and indirect relationship
    • Conceptualization
      Saba Gulzar, Shagufta Ghauri
    • Data curation
      Saba Gulzar, Shagufta Ghauri
    • Investigation
      Saba Gulzar, Shagufta Ghauri
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      Saba Gulzar, Shagufta Ghauri
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      Saba Gulzar, Shagufta Ghauri
    • Supervision
      Saba Gulzar, Shagufta Ghauri
    • Validation
      Saba Gulzar, Shagufta Ghauri, Zuhair Abbas
    • Visualization
      Saba Gulzar, Shagufta Ghauri, Abdul Bashiru Jibril
    • Writing – original draft
      Saba Gulzar, Shagufta Ghauri, Zuhair Abbas, Kanwal Hussain
    • Writing – review & editing
      Saba Gulzar, Shagufta Ghauri, Kanwal Hussain, Abdul Bashiru Jibril
    • Formal Analysis
      Zuhair Abbas, Kanwal Hussain
    • Funding acquisition
      Zuhair Abbas, Abdul Bashiru Jibril
    • Methodology
      Kanwal Hussain
    • Software
      Abdul Bashiru Jibril