Evaluation of innovative technology market potential on the basis of technology audit


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Enterprise innovation activity supposes coordinated technical and business processes of decision-making and its performance required for successful transformation of new product or service from concept to market. The purpose of this study is to develop valuation methods of innovative technology market potential and prospects of their introduction into the production enterprise activity.
In order to achieve this goal, we used brand new evaluation tool, this is technology audit conception, application of which increased significantly the accuracy and reliability of technology market potential evaluation. Clarification of terminological essence of technological audit allowed the authors to discover the content of technology audit components required for the market research and thereupon to develop evaluation mechanism for innovative technology market potential using technology audit. This mechanism is built on structure evaluation table of technology market potential level detection as an object of commercialization. To ensure the efficiency of practical effect of the mechanism proposed, the authors systematized and completed methods of functional analysis and scanning of market environment for the purpose of qualitative comprehensive evaluation and innovative technology market potential forecasting.
Introduction of the proposed evaluation method for technology market potential will result in the improvement of efficiency of enterprise innovation activity due to more rational distribution of available resources and immediate financing of developments with greater market potential.

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    • Figure 1. Practical realization mechanism of innovative technology market potential
    • Figure 2. Triad of courses of technology audit at industrial enterprise
    • Figure 3. Structural logical (conceptual) scheme of technology audit of innovative technology
    • Table 1. Evaluation table of innovative technology market potential as an object of commercialization on the basis of technology analysis