Readiness of the education manager to provide the organizational development of institutions (based on the sociological research)


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The article contains the analysis of scientific approaches to understanding of organizational development in the field of educational institutions management as a complex of successive educational changes. Scientific researches on the change of education managers’ behavior in the course of changes are presented.
Types of education managers attitude to changes and their quantitative expression were determined and revealed based on the data of an empirical research. Almost half of the surveyed education managers are represented by such types as “traditionalist” and “realist”, which indicates the insufficient orientation of education managers in introducing innovative changes in educational institutions. This indicates a low level of education managers’ readiness to provide the organizational development of educational institutions.
The results obtained can be used by the government in developing and implementing the programs for the professional development of education managers. The authors offer the most practical tools for implementing the concept of organizational development. It is proposed to distinguish between special requirements for both professional and personal qualities of education managers.

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    • Figure 1. Readiness of educational system of Ukraine for introduction of changes
    • Table 1. Level of formation of types of educational institutions managers according to general indicator (in % of the total number of respondents)
    • Table 2. The levels of development of types of education managers’ attitude to changes (in % of the total number of respondents)