Exploring the firm’s influential determinants pertinent to workplace innovation


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Significant changes in organizations with good human resources (HR) practices can transform the workplace to a great extent. Although there is a fair amount of research on workplace innovation, most firms even now act as barriers to personnel growth and workplace innovation. This study proposed to explore various influential factors of firms from a holistic perspective that affect workplace innovation by adopting the principal component analysis (PCA) method to reduce the dimensionalities and better emphasize firms’ development. The useful data were collected using a survey questionnaire from one hundred and ninety-five (195) respondents from different Indian organizations. Totally forty-six sub-factors were identified and developed into nine significant organizational factors influencing workplace improvement viz., organization culture and environment, innovation process, resources, organization structure, corporate strategy, employee, knowledge management, technology and management, and leadership. The study suggested that any firm must emphasize these core determinants at the workplace to motivate the employees towards innovation and organizations to be competitive in the industry. The study invites firm policymakers, HR managers, and top management to formulate the best organizational strategies to encourage an innovative culture in firms.

The author(s) of this study acknowledges all the respondents who contributed their quality opinion and made this study possible and helpful in contributing to the industry.

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    • Table 1. Factors and sub-factors identified from the literature review
    • Table 2. Demographic data of respondents
    • Table 3. Rotated factor matrix
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