Linking resonant leadership, psychological ownership, and organizational commitment: The mediating role of employee empowerment


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The purpose of the current study is to identify the antecedents of psychological ownership and organizational commitment since these constructs could influence different behavioral outcomes at the workplace, such as task performance, creativity, and organizational citizenship behavior. Through practicing resonant leadership, highly empowered employees are expected to have a deeper feeling of psychological ownership and more sense of commitment to an organization.
In this study, the direct relationships of resonant leadership on psychological ownership and organizational commitment via employee empowerment were investigated. Data were collected from 232 employees working at healthcare corporations listed on the Amman Stock Exchange in Jordan. Structural equation modeling was utilized to analyze the data. Results proposed that psychological ownership and organizational commitment were related to resonant leadership. Moreover, employee empowerment played a significant role, as a mediator between resonant leadership and psychological ownership and between resonant leadership and organizational commitment. Therefore, employees working with resonant leaders and having effective empowerment are expected to get higher levels of psychological ownership and tend to be highly committed to their organizations.

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    • Figure 1. Theoretical framework
    • Figure 2. Fully mediated model (M-1)
    • Figure 3. Partially mediated model (M-2)
    • Figure 4. Alternative mediated model (M-3)
    • Table 1. Demographic data
    • Table 2. Descriptive statistics, Pearson correlations, and reliability coefficients
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      Mahfuz Judeh, Abdul Hafaz Ngah
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      Mahfuz Judeh
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      Mahfuz Judeh, Jassim Al-Gasawneh, Abdul Hafaz Ngah
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      Jassim Al-Gasawneh
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      Hasan Al-Zu’bi
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