Addressing the interplay amongst university support, student experience, and university brand image at Vietnamese higher education institutions


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During the last three years, the Covid-19 pandemic has made landmark changes in all aspects of the society and higher education is no exception. The current study examines the interrelationships between university support, student experience, and university brand image. The study used partial least square–structural equation modeling (PLS-SEM) and Smart PLS 3.3.7 to conduct the analysis. Research data were collected by structured questionnaire with 300 students from various studying majors of 12 prominent universities across the nation. The findings firstly suggest that university support has a positive and significant impact on students’ perceived support and overall student experience. Second, the student experience has a noticeable impact on the university image. In addition, the current paper also emphasizes the significant role of student experience in mediating the relationship between university brand image and student perceived support. Practically, universities have been suggested to provide more support for students, including both policies and activities, to improve student perceptions of support and experience. An outstanding student experience is critical to develop and enhance the university brand image. As a result, the findings aid higher education institutions in enhancing their competitiveness in today’s dynamic educational environment.

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    • Figure 1. Proposed research model
    • Figure 2. Modeling results
    • Table 1. Internal consistency reliability and convergent validity
    • Table 2. Discriminant validity
    • Table 3. R2, Q2, and SMRM
    • Table 4. Hypotheses testing results
    • Table A1. University support policies (USP)
    • Table A2. Student perceived support (SPS)
    • Table A3. University support activities (USA)
    • Table A4. Student experience (SE)
    • Table A5. University brand image (UBI)
    • Conceptualization
      Hai Ninh Nguyen
    • Data curation
      Hai Ninh Nguyen
    • Formal Analysis
      Hai Ninh Nguyen
    • Methodology
      Hai Ninh Nguyen
    • Supervision
      Hai Ninh Nguyen
    • Software
      Thi Tra Phuong Nguyen
    • Validation
      Thi Tra Phuong Nguyen, Thi Dieu Phan, Thi Truc Tran
    • Writing – review & editing
      Thi Tra Phuong Nguyen, Thi Dieu Phan, Cam Tu Pham, Thi Truc Tran
    • Investigation
      Thi Dieu Phan, Cam Tu Pham
    • Visualization
      Thi Dieu Phan, Thi Truc Tran
    • Writing – original draft
      Thi Dieu Phan, Cam Tu Pham, Thi Truc Tran
    • Project administration
      Cam Tu Pham
    • Resources
      Thi Truc Tran