Impact of work-family conflict on job satisfaction and job stress: Mediation model from Indonesia

  • Received January 19, 2022;
    Accepted March 23, 2022;
    Published April 19, 2022
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    Volume 20 2022, Issue #2, pp. 44-56
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This paper analyzes the impact of work-family conflict on employees’ job satisfaction and job stress and determines how organizational commitment and social support reduce job satisfaction and job stress. The study employed a questionnaire to collect the data from 382 Islamic bank employees in Indonesia. After the data were collected, it was calculated using SEM-PLS. The results showed that work-family conflict was a significant predictor of job satisfaction and job stress. Furthermore, social support mediates the influence of work-family conflict on job stress. However, organizational commitment is not able to mediate the two variables. Practically, the results of this study indicate that bank employees have high work stress due to role conflicts that occur in their families. In addition, one of the causes of role conflicts is the government’s policy to work from home during the pandemic. Furthermore, social support can mediate the relationship between work-family conflict and job stress, meaning that social support can help employees reduce job stress due to role conflicts in their families. Therefore, companies must pay attention to the psychological condition of employees before giving assignments.

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    • Figure 1. Final model
    • Table 1. Correlation among construct
    • Table 2. Validity and reliability result
    • Table 3. R Square
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      Siswanto, Masyhuri, Nur Hidayati
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      Siswanto, Masyhuri, Rifki Hanif
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