The organizational-economic aspects of land relations provision by administrative-territorial reform in Ukraine


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The stable development of Ukraine as the agricultural state actualizes a complex of economic, organizational and legal issues, which are concerned with an implementation of the land relationship. The maximum usage of rental tools is the most effective among the existing budget filling mechanisms. The aim of the article is to conduct a research of land relationship by mechanisms of improving the agricultural lands rent management. The object of a study is the interaction of state institutions at different levels of land lease management. The basis of the study is a cognitive method in the patterns of development of the land relationship. Therefore, in the article, the alternative version of the organizational and economic mechanism for the implementation of land relations was proposed with the aim to improve the existing practice that will facilitate the additional financing of local self-government authorities. At the state regulation level, it is proposed to create an informational electronic database, which should display cadastral numbers and location of land plots, as well as information about land plot owners. Measures of control should be fulfilled by such state authorities as State Geo Cadastre and Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. In order to follow a principle of openness, it has been proved that this database should be public. As a result, methodological and organizational tools are based on the algorithm of lease relationship management as the main source of budget filling for local self-government authorities and main tasks for implementation of administrative-territorial reform that were declared by the government.

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    • Figure 1. Analysis of land plots structure on Ukrainian territory
    • Figure 2. Analysis of land plots owners and users in Ukraine
    • Figure 3. The system structure of normative and legal regulation of land relationship
    • Figure 4. Comparison of land plots, which belong to immutable heritage, passed to rent through the regions
    • Figure 5. Classification of land plots which belong to immutable heritage
    • Figure 6. Steps of the process of the land plots (pays) renting
    • Table 1. Information related to realization of authority by the local communities of State Geo Cadastre according to disposal of agricultural lands, which belongs to public ownership (as of January 1, 2019)
    • Table 2. Analysis of missed earnings from the dead inheritance