Dark personality traits and job performance of employees: The mediating role of perfectionism, stress, and social media addiction


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The purpose of this study was to explore the indirect and direct relationships of Big-5 and dark personality traits (i.e., extroversion, neuroticism, agreeableness, openness, conscientiousness, narcissism, Machiavellianism, psychopathy, sadism, and spitefulness) with job performance via perfectionism, stress, and social media addiction. A total of 514 private sector employees filled out a query sheet that included the assessment tools for the variables. Path analysis using a multiple mediation model indicated that neuroticism was negatively directly and indirectly related to job performance via stress and social media addiction. Machiavellianism and spitefulness were directly positively associated with job performance, and Machiavellianism-related higher social media addiction diminished the direct positive effect of Machiavellianism on job performance, indicating complex relationships. Furthermore, stress, social media addiction, and perfectionism were related to different personality traits positively and negatively. Findings of the present study suggest that an anti-social personality may promote higher job performance. However, job performance may be adversely affected by the adverse consequences relating to these traits. Professionals and firms that attempt to increase job performance should take anti-social personality traits and their complex effects on job performance into account.

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    • Figure 1. Big-5 personality traits
    • Figure 2. The dark triad (three antisocial personality traits)
    • Figure 3. Tested model
    • Table 1. Total, direct, and indirect effects of personality traits on job performance
    • Table A1. Mean scores, standard deviations, and Pearson’s correlations of the study variables
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      Mehmet Kiziloglu, Viktor Koziuk
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      Mehmet Kiziloglu
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      Oleksandr Dluhopolskyi
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      Oleksandr Dluhopolskyi, Serhii Vitvitskyi, Serhii Kozlovskyi
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