Management and leadership in university education: Approaches and perspectives

  • Received April 18, 2022;
    Accepted June 9, 2022;
    Published July 28, 2022
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    Volume 20 2022, Issue #3, pp. 130-141
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University education has undergone transcendental changes in recent years. The tendencies of adaptation to these advances bring as a consequence that the management models and the leadership exercised by its directors are analyzed looking for a better administration of university entities. The present study reviews the scientific literature on approaches and perspectives on leadership and management in university education. It aims to establish various aspects, characteristics, and leadership and management styles through the review of scientific articles in the Scopus, Scielo, Proquest, Gale Onfile, and Ebsco databases. Relevant aspects were measured through the analysis of 36 articles published in the last 7 years. As a result, models and redesigns of university management were obtained, as well as a trend toward developing competencies and new leadership styles of those who lead institutions. It is concluded that university management is characterized by the search for strategies that allow the achievement of the established objectives based on strategic planning. In addition, it includes its role and interrelation with society and innovative models that easily adapt to changes through leadership that seeks commitment and participation, promoting proactive decision-making and emotional intelligence.

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    • Figure 1. Articles filtered by advanced search in databases
    • Figure 2. PRISMA scheme for the selection of articles
    • Figure 3. Articles by year of publication
    • Figure 4. Distribution of research studies by thematic dimensions
    • Figure 5. Aspects analyzed in the literature review
    • Table 1. Research studies on university management
    • Table 2. Research studies on leadership in higher education
    • Table 3. Research studies on management and leadership in times of crisis
    • Table 4. Leadership in university management
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      Carola Salazar-Rebaza, Monica Zegarra-Alva
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      Carola Salazar-Rebaza, Monica Zegarra-Alva, Franklin Cordova-Buiza
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      Carola Salazar-Rebaza, Monica Zegarra-Alva, Franklin Cordova-Buiza
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      Monica Zegarra-Alva, Franklin Cordova-Buiza
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