An investigation on turnover intention antecedents amongst the academician in universities

  • Received December 12, 2022;
    Accepted March 2, 2023;
    Published March 20, 2023
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    Volume 21 2023, Issue #1, pp. 373-383
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Employees’ decision to quit their present job or company is a turnover intention. The number of employees joining and leaving an organization in a specific period is regarded as employee turnover. This study aims to examine the factors influencing faculty members’ intentions to leave universities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The population includes academicians from various universities in Saudi Arabia. The primary data were gathered using random sampling methods; 140 responses investigating various demographics and other factors were obtained from academicians of various universities. The present study chose five constructs: job satisfaction, job stress, work engagement, organizational commitment, and turnover intention. The statistical tools were used to conduct statistics examinations. The mean, correlation, and regressions were used to analyze the data gathered. The results showed a significant association between work engagement, job stress, job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and turnover intention. Job stress and turnover intention were not shown to be significantly correlated. Other variables showed significant relationships with the turnover intention of university academicians.

This project was supported by the Deanship of Scientific Research at Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz University under research project No 2021/02/18733.

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    • Figure 1. Research framework
    • Table 1. Reliability results
    • Table 2. Demographics frequency and percentage
    • Table 3. Mean and standard deviation
    • Table 4. Correlations of variables
    • Table 5. Model summary of regression analysis between turnover intention, job stress, job satisfaction, work commitment, and organizational commitment
    • Table 6. ANOVA
    • Table 7. Coefficients
    • Table 8. Collinearity diagnostics
    • Table 9. Residuals statistics
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